Episode Overview – Blood of my Blood

Back again and picking up right where we left off. The internet has been flooded with bad jokes about holding the door and trying to make all of us fans cry. No doubt we have all seen a Hodor door stopper or something along those lines, but anyways onto other things, no point dwelling in what is done. As Bloodraven would say “the past is written, the ink is dry”. Episode 6 started off with Meera dragging Bran through the northern wilderness. As soon as Hodor died to let them get away many of us were wondering how exactly Meera pulling Bran was gonna get away from an army of the undead, it’s not like the undead were gonna tire out and take a nap. Bran is whirling through visions of the Mad King and pyromancers making wildfire (very helpful at the current moment when you are trying to escape the white walkers), only to come awake and tell Meera they had been found. But all of a sudden a dark rider comes to their rescue, book readers right away knew this was Coldhands. For all you non-book readers (seriously get on it) Coldhands is a former Night’s Watch that helped Sam and Gilly get through the wall and helped Bran and crew get to Bloodraven. We all suspected that this rider that never ate and had black hands was former first ranger Benjen Stark. Low and behold our guess was right. Benjen gives us an interesting detail, the children of the forest stopped him from being turned by stabbing him with dragonglass. This could be helpful in the future war if anyone is wounded and starting to turn, just stab the dying with dragonglass (or likely dragonsteel) and stop the process. Benjen is here to help them get back to the wall, woohoo!.

Elsewhere, Sam and Gilly enjoyed a short visit to Sam’s family in Hornhill, though enjoyed is probably the wrong choice of words. We who thought that Sam would finally stand up to his father were proven foolish, instead he passive aggressively angers his father by taking their family sword. Another valyrian sword in the hands of the good guys (that makes two against the Night King and his commanders), though still greatly outnumbered against the dead. Not sure what Sam’s plan is bringing Gilly with him to Oldtown, maybe she will become a maester too, ha!

On to King’s Landing where Jamie and Cercei’s plan to end the sparrows was quickly defeated, and without any bloodshed, boo! King Tommen and Queen Maergery have become pawns of the high sparrow, boring. Jamie is removed of his title as King’s guard and banished from King’s Landing, he is then dispatched to go deal with the Blackfish and Riverrun. Who else is heading there also? Brienne of Tarth, perhaps a reunion is coming. Book readers have a guess or two as to what will happen next, but for the benefit of you non-readers I won’t go into that just yet.

Finally, on to Arya. After poisoning the actor’s wine she comes back just in time to stop her from drinking it. Another chance given by the faceless men and another one squandered by her. But this time it could have dire consequences for her. Arya grabs needle from her hiding spot and makes camp for the night, perhaps with plans to go back to Westeros. But, the Waif is sent to kill her (as painless as possible, though from the look on her face I doubt that is her plan). As Jaaqen said “either way a face will be added to the wall”. Seems pretty unlikely that Arya will escape, how do you constantly run from assassins that never wear the same face? I doubt they like people running around knowing their secrets. If I had to guess I would say that Arya kills the waif and brings her back to the house of black and white to offer as a tribute or peace offering.

Lastly, we are treated to another Daenerys scene, in talking with Daario she asks how many ships she would need to cross the narrow sea with her army. Daario replies with 1,000. But who has 1,000 ships? No one yet, but someone wants to build them. Oh what nasty teasers these writers are. Something takes her attention, obviously feeling Drogon’s presence she rides off alone to find him, only to return to her massive khalasaar riding him once again. But he looks even more massive than the last time we saw him, clearly someone has been eating. With another rallying speech she pledges all her followers to her and to go with her across the narrow sea. But first, to dispatch with her enemies around Slavers Bay. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. That’s all for now, can’t wait for Sunday to see what happens next.

Rest Now Sweet Giant

Well, this has been a pretty tough week. Don’t know about the rest of you out there but I did not sleep easy after seeing this week’s episode The Door. I was actually visiting friends in Saskatoon and after saying goodbye to another beloved character decided that a night out of heavy drinking in honour of Hodor was necessary. Want to give a special shout out to Saskatoon Limo for hooking me and my friends up with a great night; they understood the pain I was going through. Now that I have made an attempt to drown my sorrows in ale (didn’t work, still crying inside), it’s time to go back and review what brought us here.

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Episode 5: The Door

Another week gone and another hour of Game of Thrones to discuss. All I can say about this week’s episode is wow! So much information that we have all been waiting for. Questions that we have had since season 1 episode 1 have finally been answered. First off, I have to apologize, in last week’s post i referred to Yara Greyjoy as Asha, sorry my bad, confusing all the character names. Needless to say I should have fact checked. Oh well, on to the important things.

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“The Book of the Stranger” Episode Overview and Discussion

Hi all, back again for another post. This time I will be discussing the most recent episode. It started out with one of the nicest moments we have seen in a long time. Yes we all screamed and cheered when Ghost looked over as Jon came back to life. But, seeing Jon and Sansa reunited, after they have both been through so much and gone so long without family with them it was truly heart warming. They are back together again and according to Jon are going to stay together for the foreseeable future. Yay!

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Who are you? No one.

The first topic that I want to address is one of everyone’s favourite (yes I am Canadian, sorry for the spelling my American readers) characters, Arya Stark. Arya has had a very interesting story line and one that is quite unlike the rest of the characters. Whereas other characters are trying to improve or protect their families hold on power, she is busy with the servants of the many-faced God.

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