Episode 5: The Door

Another week gone and another hour of Game of Thrones to discuss. All I can say about this week’s episode is wow! So much information that we have all been waiting for. Questions that we have had since season 1 episode 1 have finally been answered. First off, I have to apologize, in last week’s post i referred to Yara Greyjoy as Asha, sorry my bad, confusing all the character names. Needless to say I should have fact checked. Oh well, on to the important things.

A little background knowledge to begin with, since, the books and show have only pieces of the detail that we need to fully understand the importance of what we just saw. 12,000 years before Aegon’s conquest the First Men invaded Westeros, across the land-bridge from Essos. The First Men encounter the Children of the Forest and a war ensues. The Children of the Forest use their magic to destroy the land bridge to try and stop the invasion. It doesn’t work and the First Men use bronze weapons, along with their greater size to drive the Children back further north and deeper into the woods. They slaughter large numbers of the children and chop down their sacred trees. After 2,000 years of fighting (10,000 years before Aegon’s conquest) the two sides come to a standstill and a pact is signed called the pact of The Isle of Faces. This gave men dominion over open lands and the Children dominion over the forest. Under the peace, the two sides grow close, the men even adopt some traditions and start to worship the Old Gods of the Forest. This peace endures for a long while until about 8,000 years before Aegon’s conquest when The Long Night (aka Last Night) begins. Night seems to last for a generation, ice spreads down from the north and under the cover of cold and darkness come the Others. They go south killing and raising the dead to add to their army. The Battle for the Dawn ends the long night as the First Men and children of the forest unite to defeat the others using weapons of dragonglass. The Night’s Watch pushes them to the farthest reaches of the North. After the victory, Bran the Builder, the First Men, giants and children of the forest work together to erect the Wall to keep the Others away and keep the realms of men safe. The Night’s watch is given duty to guard the wall.

Now, taken together with the information from episode 5: The Door, gives us more illumination into the history. We know now that The Children of the Forest created Night’s King while the war with the First Men was occurring. What they thought would be a weapon against men to give them a better chance ends up disastrous as the Night’s King ends up killing men and children of the forest alike. His goal is to end all life and to consume all of Westeros in the Long Night. A couple of questions are raised here, are there still children of the forest elsewhere? Possibly in caves and deep forests throughout northern Westeros, or did we just witness the last of them being destroyed by their own creation? We know that the Night’s King was created using dragonglass and magic, and that his sergeants can be killed with it (as was done by Sam and Meera), but can Night’s King be killed with dragonglass, or dragon steel or dragon fire? Can he be killed at all? At this point we are led to believe he has been around for over 10,000 years. We know that him and his sergeants can’t be killed by fire unlike their dead soldiers. In the legends Azor Ahai drove back the Night’s King using Lightbringer a legendary sword. Could the champion sword of House Dayne called Dawn be said sword?

But back to the walkers. A thought that came to me was that of Night King’s sergeants. We know that for many years the wildling Craster had been sacrificing baby boys to the Others, offering them as payment to leave him and his wives/daughters alone. And the first time we saw Night’s King we saw him performing a ceremony on one of these babies turning its eyes blue. I believe that Night’s King is turning Craster’s’ sons into his sergeants. If so then there is a limited number of them and a few have already been killed using dragonglass or dragonsteel (Sam, Jon, Meera). So we know the sergeants can be killed by dragonglass and dragonsteel, not by fire (as the King and his sergeants have walked through fire multiple times), and possibly by dragon fire (the battle we have all been waiting for?). But how to defeat the King? The last Long Night he wasn’t killed, just driven back into hiding to slowly wait while he builds up his forces and for a long winter to come again. So many questions still left but at least we finally have one answer know the true origin of the Others.

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