Rest Now Sweet Giant

Well, this has been a pretty tough week. Don’t know about the rest of you out there but I did not sleep easy after seeing this week’s episode The Door. I was actually visiting friends in Saskatoon and after saying goodbye to another beloved character decided that a night out of heavy drinking in honour of Hodor was necessary. Want to give a special shout out to Saskatoon Limo for hooking me and my friends up with a great night; they understood the pain I was going through. Now that I have made an attempt to drown my sorrows in ale (didn’t work, still crying inside), it’s time to go back and review what brought us here.

Hodor was the true portrayal of the gentle giant. Through six seasons we watched as he shied away from any fighting, even horrified at the results when Bran warged into him and fought back (like breaking Locke’s neck). We sat back and wondered has he always been like this, did he ever say anything other than Hodor? Earlier this season we learned that he wasn’t always limited to a one word vocabulary. This begged the question, what the hell happened to him? Bran was wondering the same thing and we finally know the answer. But things aren’t as cut and dry as we might hope. I have been trying to piece together what exactly happened to Hodor, and even after discussing this with multiple people a clear answer still eludes me. With the white walkers attacking and Bran still in his dream, Hodor is rocking back and forth in typical Hodor fashion while the fighting is happening. Meera calls to Bran begging him to warg into Hodor and get them out of there. The three eyed raven tells Bran to listen to his friend. This is where things get tricky, we see Hodor’s eyes turn white for a moment as normally happens when Bran wargs into him, but Bran is looking at young Hodor and Bran’s eyes are still normal in the dream. Perhaps in his dreams warging into characters doesn’t cause this change. But if Bran wargs into young Hodor in the dream why does young Willis’s eyes not turn white until Meera is telling old Hodor to hold the door? Willis appears to look right at Bran in the dream, then his eyes turn white and he begins convulsing. Willis goes from shouting Hold the door eventually to Hodor as old Hodor slowly and savagely gets killed by the pack of undead walkers. How is Bran watching Willis have his seizure and controlling Hodor to keep holding the door at the same time? Is it because this is the moment that Bran is watching in his dream as Hodor dies? Did this time loop cause a connection between young Willis and the dying Hodor? Did Hodor see how he was going to die and that messed him up? I have more questions than answers at this point and frankly am just thoroughly confused. The only theory that I can see as plausible is that Bran did Warg into Willis and in doing so, cause his brain to become damaged and Willis saw his own death, The link between Bran warging into Willis at the same time as Hodor is being killed allowed Willis to see his future, damaging his brain and sealing his fate. This could have huge implications and perhaps the whole Hodor thing was only to try and show Bran that if he attempts to change the past, it will only make things worse. But if Bran did not damage Willis’s mind, he would not have been able to warg into him multiple times to get Bran to the tree and three eyed raven. Hodor was crucial to keeping Bran safe and getting him north. Alas we won’t know anything for sure until the show literally explains it to us, if they ever do. For now we just have to wait and see what the show holds next for us.

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