Who are you? No one.

The first topic that I want to address is one of everyone’s favourite (yes I am Canadian, sorry for the spelling my American readers) characters, Arya Stark. Arya has had a very interesting story line and one that is quite unlike the rest of the characters. Whereas other characters are trying to improve or protect their families hold on power, she is busy with the servants of the many-faced God.

At the end of season 5 we all applauded as Arya crossed another name of her list in Meryn Trant. The disgusting king’s guard who has a fetish for very young girls and likes to beat them. After she has completed his execution she returns to the house of black and white to put a borrowed face back. Upon getting caught she is punished by having her sight taken away. From here she begins life as a blind beggar on the streets of Bravos. After several days of having the waif (other girl apprentice of the faceless men) come and beat the crap out of her with a stick, Jaqen returns to once again test her commitment and bring her back to the house of black and white. There she continues to train and in a few short clips we see her become quite comfortable without the use of her eyes, even getting a few good licks in on the waif. At this point she is then given another test of her commitment before being given back her eyes. Although this is different from the books the changes are entirely negligible. In the books she memorizes her way around the house of black and white, learns to distinguish poisons based on smell, and hears the waif or the old man (Jaqen in the show) sneaking up on her before they can try to attack her. While this tidbits as they occur in the books are fascinating as they develop, they do not alter the storyline in any dramatic way. One possibly significant difference is that in the show we have not seen anything alluding to the fact that Arya is a warg. All who only watch the show will have forgotten that Arya’s wolf Nymeria is still alive, haven’t seen her since the beginning of season 1 when she bit Joffrey (good wolf). But in the books we know Nymeria is doing well through Arya’s wolf dreams. In her dreams she is Nymeria, she is surrounded by her pack and hunting men in the riverlands, yeah Nymeria is a badass! Is this something the show will eventually include, I think not. I doubt we will see Nymeria until Arya goes back to Westeros. Although if the Freys are brought back in this season perhaps we will hear rumours of a ghostly beast that is terrorizing the Freys. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now, getting back to where the show left us. Arya can see again! At this point there is several thoughts of speculation as to what will occur next for Arya. Will she be sent to finish the assignment that she neglected? Will she be given a new face and sent on a different assignment? Will one of her other senses be taken away as the next step of her training? Personally, I think she will finish what she started and go to kill the old voyage insurance man. But as always only time will tell and as we have learned just because something occurred in the books doesn’t mean it will occur that way or at all.

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